Tax Strategy

Briggs 集团税收策略

Briggs Group Taxation Strategy


In the event of a conflict between the English and Chinese wording in this document, the English version shall prevail.

1. 简介


1. Introduction

This document serves as a Tax code of conduct and documentation of Briggs Group Limited (the Group) and its subsidiary entities policy and approach to conducting its tax affairs and dealing with tax risk., It will remain in effect until amendments are approved by the Briggs Group Limited Board of Directors. In publishing the information set out below, Briggs Group Limited and its subsidiary entities consider themselves compliant with their duty under Finance Act 2016, Schedule 19, para 16 (duty to publish a tax strategy) for the year ending 31 December 2017.

2. 集团税务政策


  • 遵守所有当地适用的法律、法规、规章和披露要求。
  • 本集团旨在确定其税位,但税法不明确或需要解释的情况下,将向适当有资质的第三方顾问寻求书面建议,确保以集团的立场为准的任何争议,在平衡的概率上,将以对我们有利的方向解决。
  • 在与税务有关的一切风险管理中,要勤奋认真,谨慎地判断。
  • 确保所有与税务机关的交易都是专业的、及时的和透明的。
  • 遵守所有的反贿赂法。


2. Group Tax Policy

The Group endeavours to conduct its tax affairs in line with the following principles.

  • Observe all applicable local laws, rules, regulations and disclosure requirements.
  • The Group aims for certainty in its tax positions, however, where the tax laws are unclear or subject to interpretation, written advice will be sought by appropriately qualified third-party advisors to ensure any dispute on the Group’s position, on the balance of probability, will be settled in our favour.
  • Apply diligent professional care and judgement in management of all risks associated with tax matters.
  • Ensure all dealings with tax authorities are professional, timely and transparent.
  • Be compliant with all anti-bribery legislation.

3. 集团税务行为准则


3. Group Tax Code of Conduct

The Tax Code of Conduct outlines how Briggs employees and contractors are expected to operate with respect to tax matters in support of the above Group Tax Policy. Failure to conform is considered a serious breach of Group policy and subject to disciplinary proceedings which can lead to termination of contract.

i. 风险管理与治理






i. Managing risk and governance

Ultimate responsibility for managing the tax affairs of the Group sits with Board of Directors of Briggs Group Limited; oversight of which is the responsibility of the Finance Director, with day to day management of the Group’s tax affairs delegated between the Controllership and Commercial Finance team.

The Board receives updates on material tax matters from the Finance Director as they arise.

Diligent professional care and judgement will be employed to assess tax risks in order to arrive at reasonable conclusions on how risks need to be managed.

Given the complexity and fluidity of the global tax environment, where there is uncertainty as to the application or interpretation of local tax laws, written external advice will be obtained from appropriately qualified third-party advisors.

The Group aims to manage all tax costs and risks in line with its commercial endeavours, with the ultimate aim of optimising the after-tax returns for the Group’s shareholders and in so doing, manage risks to ensure compliance with legal requirements in a manner which ensures payment of the right amount of tax within the jurisdictions in which the Group operates.

ii. 税收筹划的态度

该集团的商业需求是首要的,任何税收筹划都将在这一背景下进行。该集团旨在商业活动发生的地方缴纳税款。 该集团旨在遵守所有法定义务,并在必要时向相关税务机关披露所有事实,其中存在替代路线以达到相同的商业结果,将考虑符合相关法律的最有效率的方法。 该集团将根据其所在地区的现行立法,利用任何奖励和救济措施。如果基本商业目标不支持所采取的立场,本集团将不参与税务筹划。该集团致力于全面遵守所有法定义务,并向相关税务机关全面披露。

ii. Attitude towards tax planning

The Commercial needs of the Group are paramount and any tax planning will be undertaken in this context. The Group aims to pay tax in the jurisdiction where commercial activity takes place.

The Group aims to comply with all statutory obligations and disclose all facts to relevant tax authorities when required, where alternative routes exist to achieve the same commercial result the most tax efficient approach to compliance with all relevant laws will be considered.

The Group will utilise any incentives and reliefs available to it in line with current legislation in the territories in which it operates. The Group will not engage in tax planning if the underlying commercial objectives do not support the position being taken. The Group is committed to full compliance with all statutory obligations and full disclosures to relevant tax authorities.

iii. 风险水平


  • 董事和雇员的法律义务和受托责任
  • 税收利益和对集团报告结果的影响与潜在的财务成本相比较,包括罚金和利息的风险。
  • 影响我们与任何税务机关的关系。



iii. Level of risk

The assessment of any proposed management action in relation to tax takes into account the following:

  • The legal and fiduciary duties of Directors and employees
  • The tax benefits and impact on the Group’s reported result comparative to the potential financial costs involved, including the risk of penalties and interest.
  • Impact on our relationship with any tax authority.

In conducting any risk assessment, external consultants are utilised to assist in assessing the merit of our technical position.

The Group’s commercial needs will never override compliance with all applicable laws, tax risk is one of the commercial risks that the business is subject to. The company is not prescriptive on the level of acceptable tax risk but aims to manage tax risk to ensure payment of the right amount of tax within the jurisdictions in which the Group operates.

iv. 税务机关


iv. Tax authorities

The Group is committed to the principles of openness and transparency in its approach to dealing with tax authorities wherever we operate within the world. This will be achieved by the timely submissions of tax returns and promptly responding to any queries, as well as the adoption of a co-operative approach to resolving questions over interpretation of tax laws.




The overriding principle within the Briggs Group of companies is to pay the right amount of tax required under the laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate.