White Spirits

Crafting exceptional white spirits with expertise from Briggs of Burton and McMillan Coppersmiths

Smirnoff and Tanquary are just two famous white spirits that Briggs of Burton's engineering team have helped behind the scenes.

Supporting distilleries in producing white spirits such as Grain Neutral Spirit (GNS), vodka, and gin at every scale.

Briggs of Burton and McMillan Coppersmiths are industry leaders, with Briggs specialising in the project delivery of white spirit projects, often collaborating on major sites like Diageo Cameronbridge. Together, they play a crucial role in the production of white spirits, including Grain Neutral Spirit (GNS), vodka, and gin, combining expertise in engineering and distillation equipment provision.

Engineering Services by Briggs of Burton

Briggs of Burton is renowned for its comprehensive engineering services that play a pivotal role in the production of white spirits. Their deep understanding of distillation is utilised to design and optimise the entire production process. They ensure that every aspect, from raw material selection to the final product’s quality, adheres to the highest industry standards. Briggs of Burton’s engineering expertise is instrumental in delivering efficient, high-quality white spirit projects.

Distillation Equipment by McMillan Coppersmiths

On the other hand, McMillan Coppersmiths excels in providing state-of-the-art distillation equipment, which is essential for crafting premium white spirits. Their expertise lies in the design, fabrication, and installation of specialised distillation systems, drawing inspiration from historic copper pot still shapes and traditional finishes. They also lead in technology for vapour infusion and macerated gin distillation systems, often working with brands such as The Lakes Distillery. McMillan Coppersmiths’ equipment ensures precise control over the distillation process, enabling the production of spirits with distinct flavours and characteristics.

Together, Briggs of Burton’s project delivery expertise and McMillan Coppersmiths’ cutting-edge distillation equipment form a dynamic partnership that guarantees the highest quality in white spirits production. Briggs’ engineering excellence complements McMillan’s innovative equipment solutions, resulting in the creation of exceptional vodka and gin, each with its own unique flavour profile.

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