International Spirits

Bringing international spirits to the Chinese market

Providing safe, efficient, and sustainable distilleries for both domestic and international spirit producers in the Chinese market.

Leaders in the Spirits Industry

At Briggs of Burton and McMillan Coppersmiths, we’re industry leaders in spirits with a rich history and commitment to excellence. Briggs of Burton has been instrumental in helping major spirits brands enter the Chinese market, focusing on whiskey. We excel in technology integration, from raw materials to distillation and storage, with a focus on mashing and energy recovery systems.

McMillan Coppersmiths is renowned for crafting copper stills and distillation equipment, known for quality and innovation.

Our skilled teams in China, supported by CIMC Liquid Process Technology (CLPT), ensure success.

As pioneers, we assist Chinese brewers and distillers in exploring international spirits like whiskey, with our expertise and cutting-edge technology.

With Briggs of Burton and McMillan Coppersmiths, you gain a legacy of success and a portfolio of world-famous brands as references.

Briggs has significant experience with technology transfer from other spirits, notably around heat recovery on the condensers of the distiller.

Spirit distillery

I’m truly delighted to have had the opportunity to design, build, and commission a 3 MLPA malt whisky and 30 MLPA grain alcohol distillery for the Shanghai Bacchus company. This project offered me a great experience as an engineer, and it’s a testament to what can be achieved when passion meets precision in the world of distillery engineering.”

Pritpal Singh, Lead Process Engineer

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