Hard Seltzer

Supporting you from concept to completion on your hard seltzer brewery

Expanding existing brewery capabilities to add hard seltzer to their product portfolio.

Hard Seltzer Systems: Brewing a path to diversity in the beverage sector

Navigating the Hard Seltzer Production Process

Crafting hard seltzer can be a complicated endeavour, depending on scale and the number of recipes. However, rest assured that Briggs of Burton, as the go-to engineering company for breweries entering the hard seltzer market, is here to provide expert support and guidance. Our expertise in project management, process engineering, and process know-how ensures a smooth and successful journey into this burgeoning market.

Brewing Diversity: The Rise of Hard Seltzer

Explore how Briggs of Burton, with their extensive expertise, can help breweries capitalise on the low calorie and refreshing appeal of hard seltzer, offering guidance in process integration of 3rd party packages.

From Wort to Can: Crafting Hard Seltzer Step by Step with Briggs of Burton

Follow the journey of hard seltzer production, starting with the fermentation of a sugar-based wort. Briggs of Burton plays a crucial role in making this journey possible through their assistance in consultancy, process engineering, commissioning, and automation experience.

Flavourful Fizz: Adding Zest to Hard Seltzer

Learn how Briggs of Burton’s support in process integration of 3rd party packages enables breweries to infuse natural fruit flavors, creating signature tastes from citrus to tropical notes.

Quality Assurance: Ensuring the Perfect Hard Seltzer

Delve into the stringent quality control measures that ensure a consistent and safe product, all backed by Briggs of Burton’s expertise in process engineering.

Brewing for the Future: Upgrading for Hard Seltzer Production with Briggs of Burton

Explore how Briggs of Burton facilitates the expansion and enhancement of breweries to accommodate hard seltzer production, offering their expert guidance through project management and control system upgrades.

Flexibility in Recipes: Adapting to Customer Needs

See how Briggs of Burton empowers breweries to support their customers with flexible processes, allowing for diverse recipe options with their unmatched process know-how.

Tank Solutions: Supplying Large Tanks via Ziemann Holvrieka

Understand how Ziemann Holvrieka, in collaboration with Briggs of Burton, provides breweries with the capability to supply large tanks, a critical component of hard seltzer production.

grapefruit cucumber mix in drink

Different manufacturers may have slight variations in their hard seltzer production processes. Additionally, some producers may use alternative methods, like adding alcohol to carbonated water or using fermentation of sugar to produce alcohol, as opposed to brewing a traditional wort.

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