With over 285 years' experience, Briggs of Burton are one of the pioneers of process engineering in the world

Briggs' History


Thornewill & Wareham

Thomas Thornewill sets up his own company Thomas Thornewill in Burton-on-Trent.

Thomas Thornewill, later known as Thornewill & Wareham is the eldest company in Briggs of Burton's history.

Thornewill & Wareham was a metal hardware and industrial metalwork manufacturer. Thornewill produced metalwork such as hoop iron for the local breweries.

1732 timeline
1865 timeline

S Briggs & Co

In 1865 Samuel Briggs sets up S. Briggs in Burton-on-Trent, an ironmonger and coppersmith supplying to the local brewing industry.

In 1875 S. Briggs becomes Briggs and Bindley, and in 1888 becomes S. Briggs & Co.


S Briggs & Co

S. Briggs & Co. is one of the founding members of the Allied Brewery Traders Association, now the BFBi.

1907 timeline
1929 timeline

S Briggs & Co buys Thomas Thornewill

S. Briggs & Co. buys Thomas Thornewill and another local company T. R. Shercliff & Co. Ltd.


S. Briggs, Inc. opens office in North America

S. Briggs & Co. buys Henry Balfour, along with Henry Balfour’s office in Rochester, New York. In 1982, this allows S. Briggs & Co. to set up a new base in America to cover the American market. S. Briggs, Inc. is born, which today is known as Briggs of Burton, Inc.

1982 timeline
1986 timeline

Briggs of Burton PLC

S. Briggs & Co. becomes a Public Limited Company. The group is renamed Briggs of Burton PLC.


Briggs acquire Robert Morton DG

In 1989, Briggs of Burton PLC acquires its main rival Robert Morton DG Ltd. Briggs of Burton move into the former Robert Morton offices and factory on Derby Road in Burton-on-Trent.

Like Briggs of Burton, Robert Morton are a specialist in stainless steel fabrication and process design.

1989 timeline
1993 timeline

Briggs acquire Richard Sizer

Briggs of Burton PLC acquire Richard Sizer outstanding experience in cereals processing.

Richard Sizer's milling equipment, the "Porteus Mill", is widely recognised in Scottish distilleries with many still in use today.


Briggs of Burton acquire T. Giusti

In 1993, Briggs of Burton PLC also acquired T. Giusti.

Giusti is a leading brand in the food, health & beauty and pharmaceutical markets. Companies worldwide benefit from Giusti solutions to mixing, blending, cooking and cooling challenges.

Briggs Food division continue to use the Giusti brand for specialist cooking systems.

1993 timeline
1998 timeline

Briggs acquire APV Burnett & Rolfe

Briggs of Burton PLC acquire APV Burnett & Rolfe, which expands Briggs Brewing capabilities with keg and cask handling systems.


Briggs of Burton joins CIMC Enric Tanks and Process B.V.

Briggs of Burton joins the Liquid Food Division of CIMC Enric Tanks and Process B.V., one of the largest international suppliers of tanks and process technologies, which includes Ziemman Holvrieka.

2016 timeline
2017 timeline

Briggs of Burton achieve landmark Health & Safety milestone

Briggs of Burton celebrate landmark Health & Safety milestone after passing 3 Million man-hours since a last Lost Time Accident (LTA).


Briggs of Burton Asia launched

Briggs of Burton setup new office in Shanghai, China as part of expansion into Asia.

2018 timeline
2019 timeline

DME Process Systems joins CIMC Enric Tanks and Process B.V.

DME Process Systems Ltd. manufacture both the DME and NSI brands out of the Charlottetown location. The DME Group consists of the DME and NSI brands and is a North American leader in the design and manufacturing of industrial process equipment for craft breweries, micro-breweries, regional breweries and brew pubs. Briggs of Burton compliment DME Process Systems Ltd. by providing their craft brewery customers with site installation and turnkey implementation.