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Consultancy projects range from the integration of a new technology into an existing system, a site-master plan to aid your business plan, through to detailed engineering design studies ready for implementation.

Projects are a journey

Sometimes to get started you need a helping hand. You maybe adding a new technology to your project or your team are focused on operations, in these instances you would like a specialist to support you in taking your business forward. Our technical sales team are very familiar in navigating you through technologies in the market or determining the appropriate phasing of a project to maximise uptime whilst also reaching your future production capacity.

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Pre-Project Consultancy:
The Key to EPC Project Success and Risk Mitigation

Consultancy services in the process engineering sector are of paramount importance before commencing a full Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) project. Process engineering consultants bring specialised expertise and industry knowledge that can help mitigate potential risks, optimise project outcomes, and identify cost, schedule, and technological considerations. Their involvement in the early stages allows for a comprehensive evaluation of the project’s feasibility and viability, ensuring a well-informed decision-making process.

Process engineering consultants play a crucial role in risk assessment and management. Through thorough analysis and experience-based insights, they identify potential bottlenecks, safety hazards, and environmental concerns that may arise during the project’s execution. This enables stakeholders to take proactive measures to address and mitigate risks, minimising the likelihood of costly delays or disruptions. Additionally, consultants assess the project’s technological requirements, recommending suitable advancements and innovations that align with industry best practices and compliance standards.

By providing an independent and expert perspective, they empower project owners to make informed choices about the most effective and efficient technology solutions. Moreover, consultants scrutinise the project’s financial feasibility, accurately estimating costs and timelines. Their expertise in cost optimisation and project scheduling helps identify potential cost-saving opportunities and ensures realistic timelines for the project’s successful execution. Overall, the involvement of process engineering consultants enhances the project’s chances of success, fosters efficient resource allocation, and sets a solid foundation for a successful EPC project.

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