Briggs BrewStillery™

Offering brewers a route to distilled spirits with our market leading BrewStillery™

For those that want to diversify their beer production into distilled spirits such as whisk(e)y, vodka and gin

Unlock New Opportunities in Distilled Spirits with Briggs BrewStillery™

Are you a brewery looking to expand into the world of distilled spirits, diversify your product offerings, and maximise your existing resources? Look no further than the Briggs BrewStillery™ – your gateway to versatile, spirit production.

Key Benefits

  • Diversify Your Portfolio: Briggs BrewStillery™ empowers breweries to venture into distilled spirits, enabling exciting product diversification.
  • Seamless Integration: This innovative solution seamlessly integrates with your existing brewery production system and utilities, making it a convenient addition to your operations.
  • Resource Efficiency: Harness the power of flexible production using your current raw materials. Adjust your product split based on demand, allowing for efficient resource utilisation.
  • Versatile Spirit Production: With Briggs BrewStillery™, you can transform brewery wort or beer into a remarkable array of spirits, including whiskies, grain neutral spirits, vodka base, shine, and gin.

Main Features

  • Hybrid Distillation Process: Briggs BrewStillery™ combines the best of both worlds with a fusion of Pot Still (Batch) and Column Distillation (Continuous) processes. This blend enables you to craft a diverse range of exceptional distilled spirits.
  • Tailored Product Creation: Depending on your desired spirit, beer flows into the pot still and then through the short or tall rectification column. Copper and stainless steel distillation system sections play a pivotal role in influencing flavour profiles and optimising heat transfer.
  • Precision Distillation: Through careful heating and boiling, beer undergoes distillation to enhance its alcohol concentration. The result is a refined, high-quality spirit ready for collection after condensation.
  • Crafting Artisanal Gin: Unleash your creativity by adding botanicals to the copper pot or infusion basket. Briggs BrewStillery™ empowers you to produce distinctive and artisanal gin with ease.

Experience the future of brewing and distillation with Briggs BrewStillery™ – where innovation meets tradition, and endless possibilities await.

New Product Development (NPD)

Our BrewStillery™, often referred to as a ‘Distillery Kitchen,’ is our answer to New Product Development (NPD), allowing customers to craft new flavours and expressions.

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Focus on: Spoetzl Brewery

Spoetzl Brewery, owned by the Gambrinus Group and located in Shiner, Texas, has elevated its craft with the adoption of a Briggs BrewStillery, enabling the production of a diverse range of spirits alongside its renowned beers.