Providing customer service and support is part Briggs of Burton's and McMillan Coppersmiths' complete project life-cycle offering.

Our support is evolving based on your feedback, and we are building a dedicated team to answers your questions, check your process is in specification, and train your team to get the most from your system.

Coppersmith support


Providing customer service and support is part Briggs of Burton’s and McMillan Coppersmiths’ complete project life-cycle offering.

Access to Briggs Service Help Desk

Help when you need it

Whenever a question regarding a product or service comes up, we will do our best to resolve your issues by speaking to us. If you need one of our service engineers at your site, we will help to make the arrangements as seamless as possible. Our technicians will quickly evaluate the issue and identify next steps. Your goal is our goal – uninterrupted uptime.


Maximise productivity through the right skills and knowledge

When you buy Briggs equipment, you also rely on your equipment operators to operate it efficiently. That’s why competence development is invaluable to your everyday operations.

You need to be sure that you are equipped with the right know-how. Effective training will give you a broad understanding of how to use Briggs equipment to best effect.

Process Health Check

Insights based on actual data

Keep your process operating at full efficiency by using actual data from sensors, monitoring equipment or process parameters to monitor your key process performance indicators. Our experts will proactively highlight any deviations or efficiency losses in output or utility consumption against the original design parameters. We can provide recommendations to improve your production output and help to retrain your operators to ensure that your process and equipment is performing as it should.

Frequency of review and reporting of key parameters can be tailored to the operational needs, from weekly autogenerated reports to full annual reviews.

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