Cooking Systems

Briggs of Burton build food systems using Giusti technology

Industrial food mixing and cooking systems for thick and thin sauces through to chunky fillings.

Built on Giusti technology, delivered by Briggs of Burton

  • Giusti’s technology and after-market service are part of Briggs of Burton’s offering.
  • Giusti cookers are known for their low shear mixing, rapid cooking with VapInjects, and cooling using vacuum.
  • Access to a trials facility at Campden BRI allowing for New Product Development.
  • Briggs are familiar in integrating processes and automation systems to develop novel food process systems.
  • We are evolving our after-market service offering for legacy Giusti Cookers.
Giusti cooker

Giusti Cookers by Briggs of Burton solve your heating, mixing and cooking requirements for thin and thick food products

Giusti is an Italian company that has been manufacturing industrial food equipment, including cookers, for over a century. They are known for their expertise in cooking, cooling, and processing equipment used in food production.

Briggs of Burton, a leading provider of process engineering solutions for the food, acquired T Giusti, a historic brand that specializes in mixing, heating, and cooling technologies for the food sector. T Giusti has been part of Briggs of Burton since 2010, when it was integrated into its Food and Pharmaceutical product lines.

By combining the expertise and experience of T Giusti with its own process engineering, project management, automation, and after-market services, Briggs of Burton is able to offer food producers complete projects that meet their specific needs and requirements. T Giusti’s technology and approach underpin Briggs of Burton’s capability to deliver innovative and efficient solutions for the food industry.


Hygienic design is an essential aspect of food system engineering that ensures the production of safe, high-quality, and compliant food products. It protects consumers, supports the longevity of equipment, enhances brand reputation, and contributes to the success and sustainability of food industry businesses.

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