Project Management Office (PMO)

Delivering your projects On Time, In Full (OTIF)

Benefit from our systematic project controls: your robust program for scope, schedule, risks, and costs

Streamline your success with our Project Management Office: providing tight governance and total control

At Briggs of Burton, our mission is to assist you with your project needs. We specialise in delivering complex, fast-track projects, ensuring they are executed On Time, In Full (OTIF), and within your budget. Our approach revolves around systematic project controls, meticulously managing every aspect of your project. This includes a robust program of activity and precise control over scope, schedule, risks, and costs.

At Briggs of Burton, the achievement of ‘On Time, In Full (OTIF)’ is meticulously realised through the dynamic synergy between our Project Management Office (PMO) and our dedicated Project Delivery-focused team.

Our PMO serves as the strategic backbone of our project execution process. It establishes and maintains a structured framework that governs every aspect of project management, from inception to completion. This framework ensures that project scopes are meticulously defined, schedules are carefully crafted, risks are proactively assessed, and costs are managed with precision.

The Project Delivery-focused team, on the other hand, is the heartbeat of our commitment to OTIF. Comprising seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of project intricacies, they work relentlessly to execute the project plan with utmost efficiency. They monitor progress, tackle challenges in real-time, and ensure that every milestone is met promptly, keeping the project aligned with the agreed-upon schedule and budget.

The harmonious collaboration between our PMO and Project Delivery team ensures that projects are not only completed within the stipulated timeframes but also with a focus on delivering the full scope of your project needs, meeting your expectations, and exceeding them whenever possible. This approach allows us to consistently achieve the OTIF standard, providing you with the assurance that your projects are in capable hands from start to finish.

Within Briggs of Burton, our PMO is central to our commitment to excellence. It establishes a structured and disciplined approach to project management, ensuring we meet your needs, align with our values, and consistently deliver On Time, In Full (OTIF).

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