Agave Based Spirits

A trusted process partner in Mexico

Supporting distilleries across Mexico with expansions and helping them to reach net zero with process improvements and technologies.

Briggs has a deep understanding of tequila and mezcal production processes

We are committed to providing engineering services across Mexico, from concept through to commissioning and beyond, with after-sales, service and repair support.

Our expert team can guide and demonstrate ‘best available’ technology selection and transfer to new applications.

We know and understand traditional, modern and hybrid production processes for agave-based spirits:

  • Small production: more than 10,000 L/day (at 55% ABV)
  • Industrial (>100kL per day at 55% ABV)

We understand requirements can include:

  • Varying production scales
  • Product types (Blanco, Reposado, Añejo)
  • VIP and customer experiences
  • Sustainability (carbon, water, energy and the wider environment)
  • Partner with Civil, Structural, and Architects (CSA) to bring projects to life

Our Experience – Various distilleries across Mexico

Raw Materials Handling and Processing

  • Processing and cooking whole agaves and cut agave pieces
  • Masonry ovens & milling (traditional), diffuser & juice conversion (modern) and autoclave & milling (hybrid)


  • Design and construction of stainless steel tanks
  • Familiar with open-top fermenters with wild yeast
  • Familiar with closed-top fermenters with specific yeast strain, fermenter cooling and yeast propagation
  • Familiarity with “set back” across a range of distilled spirits


  • Design and construction of stainless steel stills from 5,000 litres to 30,000 litres, including copper worm tubs.
  • Alambique Pot Stills (Traditional), Distillation Columns (Modern), Combined Column and Pot Still operation (Hybrid)
various distilleries across mexico

various distilleries across Mexico

agave plant

Tequila and mezcal are both agave-based spirits from Mexico, but their main difference lies in their production regions and agave varieties. Tequila is made primarily from blue agave in specific regions like Jalisco, while mezcal can be produced from various agave species and comes from different regions, resulting in distinct flavour profiles and production methods.

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