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In process engineering, the acronym EPC stands for “Engineering, Procurement, and Construction.” It represents a common project delivery method used in the construction and process industries, particularly for large-scale engineering projects, such as building industrial plants, refineries, power plants, and other complex facilities.

Here’s what each component of EPC represents:


This phase involves the detailed design and engineering of the project. Engineers and technical experts create comprehensive plans, specifications, and blueprints, ensuring that the project meets the required standards, safety regulations, and performance criteria.


During the procurement phase, all the necessary materials, equipment, and services required for the project are sourced and purchased. This involves engaging with suppliers, issuing tenders, evaluating bids, and selecting the most suitable vendors to provide the required resources.


The construction phase involves the actual physical construction and assembly of the project. Skilled labour, construction teams, and specialised contractors come together to build the facility according to the approved engineering plans and using the materials procured during the previous phase.

The EPC approach is often preferred for its turnkey nature, where a single contractor or consortium takes responsibility for the entire project from design to construction, streamlining the process and reducing potential conflicts between multiple parties. This delivery method allows for better coordination, faster project completion, and accountability throughout the project’s lifecycle.

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