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ELPEN Pharmaceuticals: pMDI mixing system

Briggs of Burton are leading providers in sustainable pressurised metered dose inhalant (pMDI) mixing systems. Interfacing with up/ downstream equipment suppliers Briggs led the end to end project delivery. Our engineering experts provided a wide range of inhouse services including detailed design, engineering, bespoke manufacturing, inhouse automation, installation, commissioning and a fully ASME BPE validated system.

ELPEN Pharmaceuticals established in 1965 is one of Greece’s largest manufacturers of pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers (pMDI).

The Briggs Pharma Engineering team designed and engineered a system that can manage three variations of pMDI mixing for the client:

  • Single Stage Filling: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and Hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) formulation completely pre-mixed.
  • Dual Stage Filling: The API and Ethanol formulation is pre-mixed with HFA, more pure HFA is subsequently added.
  • Two Stage Filling: The API and Ethanol formulation are pre-mixed without the HFA. The HFA is added to the can afterwards through the valve system.

In anticipation of a planned legislative change to reduce the use of GWP propellants, our team are helping customers transition towards the new generation of pMDI’s. Our engineers have evolved the design of our pilot and commercial mixing systems to incorporate the latest sustainable technologies.

Our engineering team successfully delivered the project within the time scale set by the client. In addition, we are looking forward  to working and developing the next generation of inhalant mixing systems for Elpen Pharmaceuticals in the future.

To get an insight into how pMDI’s are made, follow this link: (2) Briggs of Burton pMDI mixing system – YouTube

Scapa Healthcare

Location – Gargrave, United Kingdom

Scapa Healthcare specialize in providing wound dressings at their site in Gargrave, UK. The viscous mixture produced at this site is one of the key components in the manufacture of one of their wound dressing products. Briggs of Burton have a long standing relationship with the client previously providing mixing systems. Briggs were appointed to design and build a facility to improve and increase their production capacity and inhouse capability.

The Briggs Pharma Engineering team led the creation of a User Requirement Specification (URS) in the early stages of the project, developed P&ID drawings and 3D models for the client to visualize their new facility. During the detailed design, Briggs conducted a HAZOP with the client to mitigate any process risks. With process support from Briggs the client converted an existing storage and packaging area into a clean room which houses the Briggs 2 vessel sanitary mixing solution with a fully compliant control system and HMI operator interface.

The Briggs team supported the client with their IQ, OQ and PQ validation processes which also included product trials and operator training. The project was delivered within the time scale set by the client and Briggs look forward to developing future systems with Scapa Healthcare globally.

11 Skid based mixing systems

Location: Montrose, Scotland

Scope: Mechanical design, build and installation of 11 skid based mixing systems for sterile aluminium salt production.

Briggs of Burton have supported a major pharmaceutical company in designing, building, and commissioning a complete mixing suite capable of producing sterile aluminium salts. Aluminium salts are recognised to enhance the human body’s response to immunisation. 11 New skids and CIP system were manufactured at Burton on Trent for the new pharmaceutical production facility located in Scotland.

Compounding Vessels and Clean in Place (CIP) System

Location: Ireland

Scope: Overall process design and build of new compounding and associated Clean-in-Place (CIP) system.

Briggs of Burton has recently worked with a global pharmaceutical company that ranks among the leading generic and specialty pharmaceutical companies in the world. The company maintains one of the industry’s broadest and highest quality product portfolios supported by a robust product pipeline; operates one of the world’s largest active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers and runs a specialty business focused on respiratory, allergy and psychiatric therapies.