Briggs specialises in delivering high-quality process engineering for the industry worldwide.

Hard Seltzer Brewery Expansion

Location – USA

Scope – Detailed Engineering Design and Specification implementing a new Hard Seltzer production plant within an existing major brewery:

  • Liquid Sugar intake, storage dilution and blending, feeding into existing fermentation
  • Modifications to existing beer storage tanks for fermented and filtered alcohol base and other bulk ingredients
  • Blending of base with bulk ingredients, multiple flavour dosing, chilling and carbonation of Seltzer
  • Interface with existing packaging lines, including new dedicated surge tanks

We are also working on the same site on an EPC (Turnkey) project including integration of new and upgraded malt handling, brewhouse additions, yeast, unitank & dry hopping systems, into the existing plant

New Turnkey Hard Seltzer Brewery

Location – Utica, NY

The flexible integration of old and new has enabled not only production of a range of both major beers and up and coming scale-ups of craft beers, but also innovative products including a new Hard Seltzer range

Overall Scope

  • Design Study
  • Turn-Key Implementation
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Group Brewing and Cellar equipment
  • Automation
  • Group collaboration on Cold Block

Flammable Flavourings Handling and Production

Location – UK

US company with a UK manufacturing operation. Producing flavours for Red Bull

Overall Scope

  • Sugar dissolving systems
  • Stainless steel distillation system including bespoke vapour condenser.
  • Vacuum, steam, water, cooling and chilling systems
  • Flavour Preparation Vessels
  • Scrubber system receiving vapour/vent from still and tanks.
  • High Integrity CIP system – ‘dump to drain‘ to prevent cross-over and taint issues for product quality
  • ATEX-rated SCADA/PLC control system

Hard Seltzer Brewery Automation

Location – Various, Worldwide

Briggs of Burton have a strong in-house automation and control team located at our Global Technical Centre in Burton on Trent. Our team have the capability to provide site and remote support for your Hard Seltzer Software and Automation needs. Our remote support team can access and resolve plant issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Briggs Automation team specialise in bespoke and large turnkey projects ranging from greenfield sites to extensive modifications on existing systems. Our team are experts in the integration of specialist process plant and control system packages.