Briggs specialises in delivering high-quality process engineering for the industry worldwide.

Flavours and Ingredient Distillation System

Location: Milton Keynes, England

Scope: Overall process design and build of new flavour and ingredient distillation system

Briggs of Burton worked with one of the world’s leading developers and marketers of high-performance, technology-based colour, flavour and fragrance systems. Sensient Flavours was founded in 1882 in Milwaukee, USA, and aim to deliver products that offer multi-sensorial experiences “just picked from nature”. Briggs of Burton worked at the companies UK site in Milton Keynes where they create high quality extracts and compounded and powdered flavours for use in food and beverage across the world.

Baker’s Yeast and Yeast Extract Factory

Location: Harbin, China

Scope: Overall process design and build of new baker’s yeast and yeast extract factory in China.

Briggs of Burton were involved in the complete design and build of a new yeast production facility located in Harbin, China between 2008-2010. The yeast factory was designed to produce 60,000 Te/yr of ‘Y-30’ yeast cells, (approximately 15,000 Te/yr of yeast on a dry weight basis) using molasses as a feedstock.

The factory provides yeast to two other on site factories, including a yeast extract facility also built by Briggs of Burton and a bakers yeast drying plant for high activated-dried-yeast (HADY).

Giusti Soup Cooking System

Location: Various, UK

Scope: Overall process design and build of soup cooking system

Briggs of Burton have worked with the UK side of a fast-growing, international convenience food leader. The UK food producer supplies own-label products to all of the major UK supermarkets, and has world-class manufacturing sites with industry-leading technology; producing chilled prepared meals, chilled soups and sauces.

Briggs of Burton’s Giusti Brand have provided the food producer with several cooking systems that can produce soups.

Cream Yeast Handling System

Location: UK

Scope: Overall process design and build of new cream yeast handling system.

Briggs of Burton have worked with a major group of yeast and bakery ingredients companies operating in all parts of the world. The group of companies have a long established and successful history in the baking industry. The UK plant now produces fresh yeast products for the company’s markets in the UK and Ireland. The range of fresh liquid cream yeast and compressed block yeast is distributed to the Distillery and Bioethanol industries in addition to the Bakery industry.

Briggs of Burton have provided a cream yeast storage system designed to provide complete segregation of yeast strains.