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Yeast and Enzyme Propagation







Design a 2nd generation bioethanol yeast and enzyme production facility

Yeast and Enzyme Propagation

Overall Process and Mechanical Design of Yeast and Enzyme Propagation systems for Second Generational Bioethanol facility.

Briggs of Burton were originally brought in as a consultant on hygienic design and CIP. Briggs of Burton’s scope of work expanded to the complete process and mechanical design of the Yeast and Enzyme Propagation Systems for a New Second Generation Bioethanol facility planned in Brazil.

Biofuel Scope of Works

  • The system design scope ranged from the lab scale through to the seed pot all way upto the final industrial scale fermenter. The project required the propagation of both Yeast for ethanol production and Filamentous Fungi for enzyme production.
  • Briggs of Burton lead a review and technical appraisal of different fermentation approaches to drive down production costs. This included a comparison between Feed and Draw to Fed-Batch, and Mechanical Agitation to Air Fluidised. Comparing the impact on Scale-Up, Higher Risk, Hygiene, and Flexibility.

Biofuel Engineering Services

  • Basis of Design
  • Outline of Module Applications
  • User Requirement Specification
  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)
  • Summary of Capacity Planning & Process Calcs
  • Utility Summary
  • Plant Utilization Modelling (Briggs Capacity Modelling Tool)
  • Equipment Lists
  • Major Plant & Equipment Datasheets
  • Major Plant & Equipment Sizes (Vessel Schedule)
  • Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
  • 2D AutoCAD Conceptual Layout
  • Drawing List
  • Process Controls Architectural Plan
  • Installation & Commissioning Plan
  • Operating Procedures Plan (Overview)
  • Training Overview
  • Maintenance Overview
  • Operational Staffing