Case study

Case study

UN Closed Stainless Steel Drums

Briggs of Burton offer a range of high integrity, reusable stainless steel drums. Briggs stainless steel drums are used by a number of industries for various applications. These include closed top stainless steel drums with 1.2 mm gauge all welded construction with UN Certification for the carriage of dangerous goods. Stainless steel drum sizes range from 10 to 200 litres. Briggs of Burton have UN Certification Group 1 on 100 and 200 litres sizes, and Group 2 on the 25 litre drum.

Typical 200 litre stainless steel closed top drum

Crevice-free construction with attractive and easy-clean design. Closed top drums can be modified to meet customer requirements. Typical construction of a 200 litre Briggs stainless steel drum includes:
  • 3/4" (75 mm) BSP and 2" (50 mm) BSP drum flange with bung
  • Chimb ring section
  • Rolling ring section
  • Optional: 3/4" (75 mm) BSP and 2" (50 mm) BSP side entry drum glange with bung
  • Fully welded construction

Typical Applications

Briggs Stainless Steel closed top Drums are used by many trusted names to transport a wide range of products including:
  • Liquids Nicotine for use in “e-liquids” including e-cigarettes (25 litres)
  • Soft Drink Concentrate for shipping overseas (200 litres)
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs; 25 litres)
  • Storing Low and intermediate level radioactive waste (LILRW) from nuclear generating stations (200 litres)