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Scapa Healthcare




Wounding dressing mixing system

Scapa Healthcare

Scapa Healthcare specialize in providing wound dressings at their site in Gargrave, UK. The viscous mixture produced at this site is one of the key components in the manufacture of one of their wound dressing products. Briggs of Burton have a long standing relationship with the client previously providing mixing systems. Briggs were appointed to design and build a facility to improve and increase their production capacity and inhouse capability.

The Briggs Pharma Engineering team led the creation of a User Requirement Specification (URS) in the early stages of the project, developed P&ID drawings and 3D models for the client to visualize their new facility. During the detailed design, Briggs conducted a HAZOP with the client to mitigate any process risks. With process support from Briggs the client converted an existing storage and packaging area into a clean room which houses the Briggs 2 vessel sanitary mixing solution with a fully compliant control system and HMI operator interface.

The Briggs team supported the client with their IQ, OQ and PQ validation processes which also included product trials and operator training. The project was delivered within the time scale set by the client and Briggs look forward to developing future systems with Scapa Healthcare globally.

Pharma Equipment

  • An aseptic vessel for the manufacture of a highly viscous ointment complete with.
    • Lid lift
    • Contra-rotating agitation with anchor scraper
    • Homogenizer
    • Thermal regulation jacket for both cooling and heating
    • Pressure and Temperature control
    • Level monitoring
  • A Phase vessel complete with
    • Agitator
    • Heating jacket
    • Pressure and Temperature monitoring
    • Level monitoring
  • A variety of mobile product addition/ recirculation pumps
  • Mobile access platforms
  • Vacuum transfer system
  • Fully compliant control system and HMI operator interface

Pharma Engineering

  • Detailed mechanical and electrical design
  • P&ID Development
  • URS Development
  • Equipment specification
  • Equipment layouts
  • 3D modelling
  • Project Engineering
  • Equipment procurement
  • Project planning
  • Specialist skid manufacture
  • Site management of mechanical and electrical installation
  • Commissioning
  • Preparation of all documentation and operation and maintenance manuals
  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)
  • Validation Support (IQ, OQ and PQ)
  • Training
  • After Sales Support