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Irish Malt Distillery Mashing Plant



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Overall process design and build of new mashing plant for Irish Malt Distillery

Irish Malt Distillery Mashing Plant

Briggs of Burton’s Distilling team supported Beam Suntory in the complete design and installation of a new mashing plant at Cooley Distillery. Cooley Distillery features both pot and patent stills allowing them to produce both malt and grain whiskey including famous brands such as Kilbeggan, Tyrconnell, Connemara Peated Single Malt and Greenore Single Grain Irish whiskey.

Distillery Equipment

Briggs of Burton Distilling team designed and engineered:

  • Dry Goods Handling system including Grist case and Pneumatic slide valve
  • New Mashing Plant including Briggs Steeles masher,  4.5m diameter Full Lauter Tun, Draff chute and Wort/CIP pump, valves and in-line components
  • Upgrade included new electrical and process control including electrical design, supply and installation
  • MCC/Control panel and Instrumentation
  • PLC/SCADA automation and control using existing WinCC SCADA and New S7 400 PLC with new remote I/O equipment
  • Training and Software simulation

“We replaced their existing Mash Tun (4.9m, 5.80 Te charge, 14 h turnaround time) with new Briggs Distillery Lauter Tun (4.5m, 3.2 Te charge, 6 h turnaround time). The new smaller tun is quicker and more efficient, achieving >98% extract recovery.”

John Hancock, Briggs Technical Director