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11 Skid based mixing systems







11 skid based mixing systems for sterile aluminium salt production (adjuvant)

11 Skid based mixing systems

Briggs of Burton have supported a major pharmaceutical company in designing, building, and commissioning a complete mixing suite capable of producing sterile aluminium salts. Aluminium salts are recognised to enhance the human body’s response to immunisation. 11 New skids and CIP system were manufactured at Burton on Trent for the new pharmaceutical production facility located in Scotland.

Project Scope

  • 11 Pre-assembled vessel skid assemblies including solution preparation, precipitation, mixing, sterilisation, and cooling processes
  • Vessel design and manufacture
  • Integration of filters, mixers, and associated equipment into vessel skid assemblies
  • Pipework to services in the ceiling void, to downstream processes and interconnection between skids
  • Interface with Water for Injectables (WFI) supply
  • ATEX rated for ammonia use
  • Local panelling and remote IO for interface with Delta-V system (provided by others)

Engineering Services

  • Design works including 3D modelling
  • Mechanical design and manufacture
  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Supervision of mechanical and electrical installation
  • Factory Acceptance Testing including riboflavin testing
  • Site Acceptance Testing and commissioning
  • Training