Made in Scotland Awards – Manufacturer of the Year

At the Made in Scotland Awards, hosted at the Glasgow Science Centre, McMillan stood out among leading manufacturers across the country, earning the title of Manufacturer of the Year. The team received acclaim for handcrafting traditional Scottish copper distillation equipment for the world’s biggest distilled spirits producers and inspiring the next generation of coppersmiths to embrace the craft.

Recognised for their exceptional efforts, McMillan’s team, including coppersmiths, apprentices, and engineers, garnered applause for contributing to the success of the company. Since becoming part of the global engineering firm Briggs of Burton in 2020, McMillan Coppersmiths has experienced significant growth with increased revenue, larger projects, and investments in its facilities.

“This award recognises the outstanding work and commitment of our team who continue to go above and beyond, we couldn’t be prouder. McMillan’s team of coppersmiths, apprentices and engineers have been influential in designing and manufacturing copper distillation equipment to produce Scotch whisky, Tequila, Gin, and a range of global whiskies. They are continuing a highly specialised craft which is at the heart of the distilled spirits industry and the company is one of the oldest coppersmiths in the world, having been founded in 1867. These awards celebrate the success of the team who always strive to deliver what they promise.”

George Crombie, Chief Operating Officer and Engineering Director at Briggs of Burton / McMillan Coppersmiths
Made in Scotland Awards – Manufacturer of the Year