23rd May 2024

Introducing the Briggs STEAM Engine

An initiative to support local communities with our engineering spirit

A powerhouse of engineering experience and expertise, we’ve always liked to do things differently here at Briggs. From environmental and sustainability measures to mental health support and community outreach, we foster the belief that we’re not just engineers, but innovators within our industry.

Launching this week, we’re proud to finally announce our new community sponsorship and support initiative, Briggs STEAM Engine. This initiative will breathe new life into our existing community sponsorship and support programme, further enhancing our global impact and inspiring the next generation of engineers.

About Briggs STEAM Engine

Essentially, Briggs STEAM Engine is a sponsorship and support programme designed to involve the ever-growing Briggs team in our community outreach activities.

In offering financial support and time to help people get involved, we will provide opportunities for our staff to launch initiatives within their communities that align with Briggs’ culture of sustainability, innovation and creativity.

Standing for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, STEAM encompasses everything that we are passionate about at Briggs. An ‘engine’ to guide us in our community outreach, Briggs STEAM Engine is a visionary approach that harnesses our engineering spirit to support and uplift local communities.

Briggs STEAM Engine centres around three core themes:

  1. Local Community Engagement
  2. Environmental Awareness
  3. Engineering Outreach to Schools and Universities

We welcome our staff to submit requests for either time away from work to organise STEAM events or financial support, for example for sponsoring a STEAM-related activity.

Some examples could include:

  1. Environmental Awareness – Launching a community initiative to clean up litter in your neighbourhood This type of event truly resonates with Briggs’ passion for sustainability and climate action. In setting up an event that reflects this, Briggs would happily offer financial support, for example, to buy the litter-picking materials. 
  2. Local Community Engagement – Supporting local construction organisations for those less privileged A meaningful contribution to the families in need, Briggs would be delighted to be able to offer a helping hand to an initiative such as this. As demonstrated by the Briggs of Burton, Inc. team who supported the Greater Rochester ‘Habitat for Humanity‘ project by completing the pre-fabrication phase of a new home.
  3. Engineering Outreach – Organising a community outreach programme aimed at local schools Perhaps including interactive workshops and presentations designed to ignite students’ interest in STEM fields, particularly engineering, this type of event aligns with Briggs’ strong belief in inspiring tomorrow’s generation of engineers, as demonstrated during National Manufacturing Day.

For any queries, please feel free to e-mail

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