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Briggs of Burton have helped the top 5 best selling Scotch malt whiskies companies with expansions, energy recovery systems, or innovative processes


the year that Briggs of Burton can trace its history back to in Burton on Trent, UK

140,000 L

per day is the production volume of tequila (55% ABV) that Briggs of Burton have implemented on one of the latest distilleries in Mexico

Briggs of Burton is a rapidly evolving organisation, marked by a long history of adaptation and resilience dating back to 1732.

We are dedicated to delivering projects with intricate process complexity, demanding a deep understanding of the processes behind producing the food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals that benefit you, your family, and society.

From our sales, engineering, and manufacturing hubs in the UK, North America, and beyond, our team offer innovative solutions that support our customer’s drive for operational excellence, whilst ensuring successful project delivery and embodying our commitment to ‘Process & Progress – Our Journey to a Sustainable Future’.

Our Industries

Distilled Spirits

Forging Leading and Sustainable Distilleries

At Briggs of Burton, we are architects of the future, drawing inspiration from the past to create leading and sustainable distilleries. With a profound understanding of the distillation process, we craft bespoke solutions that elevate your spirits to new heights. Our expertise covers every aspect, from state-of-the-art stills to intricate aging and blending processes. Explore how we’re shaping the distilleries of tomorrow.


Mastering Validation and Control with Pharmaceutical Systems

When it comes to pharmaceuticals, mastering validation and control is paramount. At Briggs of Burton, we’ve honed our engineering and systems to meet the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Our cutting-edge solutions ensure quality, safety, and compliance at every stage of production. Discover how we’re setting new benchmarks in pharmaceutical excellence through validation and control.


Enabling Brewers to Grow and Diversify

We specialise in designing breweries tailored to your unique requirements. Our comprehensive solutions ensure efficient brewing sequences, optimal yield, and utmost flexibility, integrating innovative warm block solutions for brewhouses, cold block with tanks and cellar equipment, and advanced process technology. Explore how we’re reshaping the landscape for brewers.


Crafting Culinary Excellence

Briggs of Burton specialises in elevating your food production process. Through precise heating, expert mixing, and masterful cooking, we craft culinary excellence. Discover our innovative solutions.

Why choose Briggs of Burton?

Our commitment to excellence and sustainability is driven by:


Pioneering solutions since 1732, we constantly evolve to meet industry demands and exceed expectations.


Our engineers blend technical knowledge with practical experience, ensuring tailor-made solutions for your unique needs.

Global Reach

With solutions deployed worldwide, our expanding network of global locations ensures accessibility and prompt service.


We prioritise sustainable practices across all aspects of our, and our customers’ operations, contributing to a more sustainable future for the industry and the planet.

Turnkey Solutions

From feasibility studies to project management and training, our all-encompassing approach ensures success from start to finish.


Our pathway to a sustainable future

Sustainability is at the core of all we do at Briggs of Burton

We consider it our duty to assist our clients in achieving their business objectives in a way that is sustainable and ecologically friendly.

We are dedicated to lowering our carbon footprint and making sure that the solutions we provide use the least amount of waste and energy possible.

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