Nathan Beddoe

Nathan, our Chief Finance Officer (CFO), commands a pivotal role in shaping the financial landscape at Briggs of Burton. In his capacity, he shoulders the responsibility for profit and loss (P&L) across all Finance and IT activities within the Briggs of Burton Group.

Before joining Briggs, Nathan accumulated a wealth of international experience through major blue-chip companies like General Electric, Orica, Diageo, and L’Oréal.

At the core of Nathan’s expertise lies controllership and compliance. As a highly qualified Chartered accountant, he brings a depth of knowledge spanning change management, system implementations, corporate finance, budgeting, forecasting, and technical accounting. His versatility extends across a diverse spectrum of industries and regions.

A significant milestone in Nathan’s tenure has been the successful implementation of Rise with SAP at Briggs of Burton. Collaborating seamlessly with our implementation partner, Sapphire Systems, and SAP, he led this transformative project. This business transformation tool is poised to elevate decision-making and planning within Briggs of Burton, acting as the anchor for our global growth strategy.

Kevin Leach

In his role as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Kevin is responsible for all Sales and Marketing activities, across Briggs of Burton Group whilst fostering collaboration and innovation among our sister companies Ziemann Holvrieka and DME Process Systems.

A standout chapter as Executive Vice President saw him realise substantial business growth and initiate major capital projects in North America. The Brewing and Distilling industries, in particular, witnessed his adept leadership, resulting in transformative projects in the region.

With over 25 years of international experience, he has championed projects from conception to completion. His footprint marks industry-shaping projects, including Miller Coors Shenandoah Brewery, Diageo Mexico’s Tequila facilities, Beam Suntory’s Bourbon Whiskey expansion in Kentucky, South African Breweries, CUB in Australia, and many more.

Kevin’s leadership is the driving force behind our growth and commitment to sales and commercial excellence.

George Crombie

As our Chief Operating Officer (COO), George leads and guides all engineering and automation activities within the Briggs of Burton Group.

George’s journey has been marked by notable achievements. He successfully delivered Briggs’ largest Pharmaceutical project in North Carolina, a significant accomplishment in collaboration with Fluor. Additionally, he has been a key figure in fostering and maintaining Briggs’ enduring relationship with Diageo’s Global Engineering team. This collaboration has seen him spearheading various projects, such as the Malt Distilling Expansion projects in Scotland and the establishment of Diageo Mexico’s advanced Tequila distilleries.

His expertise extends beyond the Distilled Spirits and Pharmaceutical sectors; he has also made impactful contributions to the Brewing industry, partnering with industry leaders like Molson Coors and Heineken.

As a proactive leader and a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), George is at the forefront of offering sustainable engineering solutions to our esteemed global customer network.

Robert Buxton

With over two decades of experience in process engineering, Rob holds the position of CEO at Briggs of Burton. His leadership has realised several outstanding achievements in 2022, surpassing the £100 million revenue milestone two years ahead of the 2024 target. This reflects his exceptional strategic acumen and ability to drive growth.

Rob fosters strong collaborations with sister companies Ziemann Holvrieka and DME Process Systems, crafting innovative solutions for hygienic liquid industries. As CEO, he oversees operations spanning the United Kingdom, North America, and China. In 2019, his guidance led to the strategic acquisition of McMillan, a prominent Scottish Coppersmith Manufacturer, solidifying our turnkey distilled spirits offering.

Rob’s diverse project portfolio includes managing projects for clients such as AB Mauri in China and Miller Coors in the USA, highlighting his adaptability on a global scale.