Briggs specialises in delivering high-quality process engineering for the industry worldwide.

Chemical Handling System

Location: UK

Scope: Integration of a chemical distribution system for a world leader in offering solutions for embedded applications

Briggs of Burton has helped the UK manufacturing site of a world leader in embedded applications to install a chemical handling system. The site is primarily involved in the research and development of hardware and software solutions for low-power wireless networks and Internet of Things (IoT). The chemical handling system supports the overall production process and required specialist pipework to handle the potentially hazardous chemicals.

Novel Agarose Bead Production Facility

Location: Wales

Scope: design and build Novel Agarose Bead Production Facility

Purolite Life Sciences’ have invested in a multimillion pound production facility in Wales capable of producing 30% of the world’s agarose demand. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility designed and built by Briggs of Burton will be located at Purolite’s R&D Centre of Excellence in South Wales. It will be capable of producing 100,000L of high flow agarose resin for their Praesto® range of ion-exchange and Protein A affinity resins, designed for the purification of monoclonal antibodies.

Airbase De-icing System

Location: UK

Scope: Integration and process supply of a de-icing System for a UK airbase.

Briggs of Burton provided a twin-tank bulk de-icer system including control system to a UK airbase. The airbase required a bulk de-icing system capable of handling a concentrated formulation that can be diluted on loading of the de-icing vehicles. This was a replacement to their existing operations where concentrated de-icer is generally received in and dispensed from barrels, with dilution made by the direct addition of water into the de-icing vehicle on-board tanks.

UN Closed Stainless Steel Drums

Briggs of Burton offer a range of high integrity, reusable stainless steel drums. Briggs stainless steel drums are used by a number of industries for various applications. These include closed top stainless steel drums with 1.2 mm gauge all welded construction with UN Certification for the carriage of dangerous goods. Stainless steel drum sizes range from 10 to 200 litres. Briggs of Burton have UN Certification Group 1 on 100 and 200 litres sizes, and Group 2 on the 25 litre drum.