Briggs specialises in delivering high-quality process engineering for the industry worldwide.

Turnkey Malt and Grain Distillery in China

Location: Qionglai in the Province of Chengdu, China

Scope: Briggs of Burton’s distillery engineering team have delivered an EPC/Turnkey project to the Shanghai Bacchus Company Ltd .

  • The Greenfield distillery project (150,000 m²) will be developed in two phases:
    • Phase I – 32.5 million litres pure alcohol (MLPA) capacity
    • Phase 2 – an additional 32.5 million litres pure alcohol (MLPA) capacity
  • Briggs of Burton’s process design and distillery engineering allows the Shanghai Bacchus Company distillery to produce:
    • Chinese Malt Whisky
    • Chinese Grain Whisky
    • Bourbon style grain whiskey
    • Grain Neutral Spirit
    • Vodka
  • Design, engineering, and manufacture of specialist distilling equipment including:
    • Briggs market leading distillery mashing equipment
    • McMillan Copper pot stills
  • Full EPC/Turnkey distillery project management:
    • Briggs leading stage-gate commissioning approach

Briggs of Burton as part of CETP have worked closely with Briggs Asia and ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA Asia Co., Ltd . to deliver this EPC/Turnkey project in Qionglai in the Province of Chengdu, China.

McMillan Coppersmiths and Fabricators part of the Briggs Group are supplying the traditional handcrafted Scottish copper pot stills, copper condensers, and copper and brass spirit safes.

Briggs of Burton and Shanghai Bacchus Company Ltd together wrote a Chinese Whisky article for the Institute of Brewing and Distilling Magazine (June 2020) – (34-37 pages).

Irish Malt Distillery Mashing Plant

Location: Ireland

Scope: Overall process design and build of new mashing plant for Irish Malt Distillery

Briggs of Burton’s Distilling team supported Beam Suntory in the complete design and installation of a new mashing plant at Cooley Distillery. Cooley Distillery features both pot and patent stills allowing them to produce both malt and grain whiskey including famous brands such as Kilbeggan, Tyrconnell, Connemara Peated Single Malt and Greenore Single Grain Irish whiskey.

Scottish Malt Distillery Mashing plant

Location: Scotland

Scope: Overall process design and build of new mashing plant for Scottish Malt Distillery

Briggs of Burton designed, built and installed a new full lauter tun as part of The Glenlivet’s Phase I expansion and capacity upgrade. The Glenlivet’s requirements for a new mashing plant were that it needed to achieve a high quality wort (clear) with a turnaround time.

The Glenlivet distillery is located in the Cairngorms National Park and  “remains the benchmark that all other Speyside single malts are measured against”. Water is drawn from Josie’s Well, a source of hard mineral water, that enables complex aromas to develop during the distillation process. In the still house lantern-shaped stills give the spirit its outstanding balance and strong character.

Scottish Malt Distillery Expansion

Location: Scotland

Scope: Overall process design and expansion of existing Scottish Malt Distillery

The Singleton of Glen Ord is made in the northern highlands from barley grown on the Black Isle and water from the White Burn. Increased demand from the Asia-Pacific region required a substantial increase in production from the 19th Century Glen Ord distillery.

Briggs of Burton worked with Diageo’s engineering team to support the establishment of a new mash house, tun room and still house with eight new pot stills. Briggs of Burton’s distilling team also introduced Thermal Vapour Recompression (TVR) and Energy Store systems to the new and existing still houses. The expansion project also included the associated utilities and services including the boiler house, control room and supporting process tanks all required upgrading.

Briggs of Burton helped Diageo double the overall production to approximately 10 million litres of spirit a year and in achieving ‘Best in Group’ on water and energy Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at the distillery.