Briggs specialises in delivering high-quality process engineering for the industry worldwide.

10 hl Research Brewery

Location: Sutton Bonington, England

Scope: Overall process design and build of complete 10 hectolitre (hl) research brewery

Briggs of Burton designed and built a 10 hectolitre (hl) research brewery for SABMiller for their new Bioenergy and Brewing Science Building. The building was opened in 2011 by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Nottingham, Professor David Greenaway and the Chief Executive Officer of SABMiller, Mr Graham MacKay.

The building was funded by a combination of industrial, European Regional Development Funds (ERDF), Government Funds and the University. The building houses the Briggs of Burton brewery, a micro-maltings facility, a smaller Briggs of Burton 35 L nano brewhouse, a fermentation suite, a food processing centre, a bioenergy suite and several state of the art laboratory suites.

50 hl Craft Ale Brewery

Location: Leicestershire, England

Scope: Overall process design of complete 50 hectolitre (hl) craft ale brewery

Everards of Leicestershire, are a local independent family business founded in 1849 who now own over 175 pubs across the Midlands. The iconic Tiger beer is the most well-known brand and is the Official Beer of many local sports teams. Briggs of Burton built Everards of Leicestershire’s previous 100 hl Brewhouse in the 1980s, based around the 2 Vessel Brewhouse concept.

Everards of Leicestershire are now leading the “Everards Meadows” project. This new development will be their new home with plans to relocate their brewery and offices alongside a new Beer Hall for the public. Briggs of Burton have been involved in the design and engineering of the new Brewery.


175 US BBL Brewhouse and Siemens PCS7 Upgrade

Location: Spoetzl, Texas

Scope: Overall process design and build of complete 175 US beer barrel (BBL) Brewhouse

Briggs of Burton were involved in the design, engineering, and supply of specialist brewing equipment and automation to the new brewhouse for Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas. Owned by The Gambrinus Company, the Spoetzl Brewery is the oldest independent brewery in Texas, first producing beer in 1909.

The expansion project involved the integration of a second stream into the existing Briggs of Burton Brewhouse and upgrading the existing brewstream to include a new Brew Receiver and wort pre-heater. The project allows up to 175 US BBL x 12 Brews per Day (BPD) through the upgraded Brewhouse and milling system. As part of the engineering design, optimisations to water, energy and CIP were identified and realised through modifications including a Briggs Energy Recovery System. Briggs of Burton also provided the automation and control for the new equipment based on Siemens PCS7.

1000 us bbl Twin Stream Brewhouse

Location: Shenandoah, Virginia

Scope: Overall process design and build of complete 1000 US beer barrel (BBL) twin-stream brewery

Briggs of Burton’s Brewing team provided processing engineering design and specialist brewing equipment to the $300 million expansion in 2007. This made the MillerCoors Shenandoah Brewery, located in Elkton, Virginia (Shenandoah Valley), one of the most modern large-scale breweries in North America.

Briggs of Burton engineered a complete twin-stream Brewery, each stream being capable of 1,000 US BBL x 10 Brews Per Day (BPD), allowing MillerCoors to brew up to 8 million us bbl of beer a year. Shenandoah Brewery is notable for producing MillerCoors biggest brands including: Coors Light, Miller Lite, Blue Moon Belgian White Ale, Miller High Life, and Keystone Light. Shenandoah Brewery is a world class operation with improved product quality and consistency obtained at a lower production cost.