Case study

Case study

Airbase De-icing System

Location: UK

Scope: Integration and process supply of a de-icing System for a UK airbase.

Briggs of Burton provided a twin-tank bulk de-icer system including control system to a UK airbase. The airbase required a bulk de-icing system capable of handling a concentrated formulation that can be diluted on loading of the de-icing vehicles. This was a replacement to their existing operations where concentrated de-icer is generally received in and dispensed from barrels, with dilution made by the direct addition of water into the de-icing vehicle on-board tanks.

Briggs Equipment

  • Bespoke horizontal storage vessels with supporting cradles and associate pipework featuring trace heating
  • Intake and dispense pipework system.
  • Local water supply pipework (for dilution).
  • Emergency eye-bath station.
  • Local control panel.
  • Electrical installation materials.
  • Smart key dispense interface system.
  • Delivery and off-loading.

Briggs Engineering Services

  • General arrangement layout Process and Instrumentation Diagram
  • System mechanical/electrical/control design and engineering.
  • MCC/PLC Control panel featuring Rockwell PLC and HMI
  • Interface with overall de-icer dispensing management system
  • Electrical installation materials & installation labour
  • Electrical engineering and PLC / HMI software engineering
  • Installation