Case study

Case study

Baker’s Yeast and Yeast Extract Factory

Location: Harbin, China

Scope: Overall process design and build of new baker’s yeast and yeast extract factory in China.

Briggs of Burton were involved in the complete design and build of a new yeast production facility located in Harbin, China between 2008-2010. The yeast factory was designed to produce 60,000 Te/yr of ‘Y-30’ yeast cells, (approximately 15,000 Te/yr of yeast on a dry weight basis) using molasses as a feedstock.

The factory provides yeast to two other on site factories, including a yeast extract facility also built by Briggs of Burton and a bakers yeast drying plant for high activated-dried-yeast (HADY).

Yeast Equipment

  • Molasses intake, molasses storage, dilution, wort sterilisation and wort storage
  • Seed fermenters
  • Main fermenters
  • Integration of  air blowers providing HEPA filtered air to the main fermenters
  • Integration of yeast separators to produce concentrates
  • Seed cream storage vessels
  • Yeast extract and bakers cream yeast storage vessels
  • Complete fermentation additions including: ingredients, ammonia, phosphoric acid, pH control chemicals, other nutrients

Yeast Extract Equipment

  • Yeast autolysis vessels
  • Yeast extract separators
  • Yeast extract storage vessels
  • Integration of yeast extract spray dryer
  • Yeast extract paste evaporator
  • Design and integration of an automation 6 stream full recovery CIP System
  • Utilities design and integration including: steam, cooling towers, glycol coolant, process air, ammonia, ethyl acetate

Briggs Process Engineering

  • Process design calculations
  • Mass and energy balance
  • Equipment sizing
  • Process flow sheets
  • Plant utilisation charts
  • User Requirement Specification (URS)
  • Functional Design Specification (FDS)
  • Integration of 3rd party equipment and packages