Briggs Engineering Graduate Scheme is officially accredited by the IChemE ACTS programme

We are delighted to announce that the Briggs Engineering Graduate Training Scheme is fully accredited under the IChemE ACTS programme, and will be delivered from our Global Technical Centre in Burton on Trent. A huge thank you to our Technical Director, John Hancock who has led this initiative from the start and ensured we gain this prestigious accreditation as a business in line with the introduction of our new Global Technical Centre.

The Briggs Engineering Graduate Training Scheme encourages our young engineers to develop their practical engineering skills through supporting the delivery of global projects across a number of industries. As part of their growth, we actively encourage our engineers “to get chartered” in their respective disciplines by following a structured training programme. This accreditation will enable our process engineers to engage with the IChemE through working towards full membership as Chartered Chemical Engineers (MIChemE) and benefit from mentoring and Get Chartered sessions.

We are looking forward to working with the IChemE and helping to shape the careers of our young engineers.